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Wuhan Aqucell Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd.

About Aqucell

Since 2005, Wuhan Aqucell Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on the development and commercialization of UF membrane, assembles, and application technologies based in Wuhan, China. Our core business is to provide quality solutions, services and equipment on membrane research, manufacture, and water treatments for industrial and municipal use.

Aqucell's membrane-based treatment systems present advantages over conventional treatment technologies in terms of initial capital cost, space required, energy consumption, and ongoing operational costs. We have experience with and proprietary designs for hollow-fiber membrane technologies and integrated water system.

The hot sale products, covering hollow fiber UF membrane, MBR, RO in various materials as PVC, PVDF, PES, are widely adopted in boiler make-up water in power generation, circulating water treatment in chemical and steel field, waste water recycle treatment in dyeing and printing factory, tap water purifying, desalination of sea water, as well as cleaning in drinks and wines, and so on. Among them, Aqucell patented Air & Water Mixture UF membrane (applicable for turbidity 1500NTU) and Alkaline-Proof UF Membrane are particularly popular.

The worldwide sales networks, excellent commercial reputation, and effective system have promoted Aqucell’s exploration in global market and will continuously boost the further growth of the company.

Core Technology

  • Wuhan Aqucell Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Air & Water Mixture UF membrane

    With independent intellectual property rights, AQU-D series Air & Water Mixture UF Membrane is an unique product in the world that  applies to the raw water with high suspended substance and high turbidity. The feed turbidity into the system is as wide as 2,000 NTU, while the turbidity of product water is less than 0.3 NTU. 

    Its unique structure and operation mode assure the membrane anti-pollution performance and working stability.

    The proper membrane material should be considered in particular applications to ensure the product stability.

  • Wuhan Aqucell Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Lye Recovery Technology

    With independent intellectual property rights, AQU-J series alkali-resistence UF membrane deals with 3-8% concentration NaOH (PH more over than 14). It is well used in alkali recovery in mercerizing process in printing and dyeing plants. After filtration, the lye can be cycle used in production line. Thus the use efficiency of lye is improved, the fresh alkali input is saved, and the drainage treatment cost is lowered.

  • Wuhan Aqucell Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Material Liquid Separation and Filtration

    The utilization of AQUCELL material liquid separation technology is quite mature in protein & amino treatment industry, and it has realized the stage by stage utilization of high nutrients. For same category of protein, the lower the molecular weight is, the higher nutrition value it contains. In food or biotechnology companies, the materials used are mostly mixture of different categories of protein, which makes it difficult to effectively utilize. Through a lot of experiments and engineering projects verification on material mixture, AQUCELL is able to distinguish the materials by means of separation stage by stage.

  • Wuhan Aqucell Membrane Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Medium Temperature Membrane Technology

    Aqucell medium temperature membrane can bear high temperature up to 55℃. It is mainly used for separation of liquid at high temperature, such as hot water bath industry (normally around 40℃), some pharmacy, food, material liquid separation industries etc. During production process, liquid temp cannot be cooled down due to limitation of production technology or cost, but it needs feed into UF system directly. Thus the medium temp membrane technology is mainly used in such kind of situation or industry.

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